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About Us

The Law and Society major offers undergraduates a liberal arts approach to the study of legal and law-like relationships and institutions. The program combines the perspectives of various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to give students a wide range of views about law while providing a coherent and rigorous program of courses organized around the theme of law and law-like relationships.

Law and Society major learn about the complex interaction between societies and the legal systems they establish and about the profound differences in legal systems worldwide. They also develop critical and analytical thinking concerning various ideas associated with law and social institutions. 

The Law and Society program is overseen by a committee of faculty members drawn from the cooperating departments, and is administered through the Department of Philosophy. The program is fortunate to have a number of faculty who hold Juris Doctor law degrees as well as Ph.D.s. 

The Law and Society major leads to a B.A. degree in cooperation with one of seven majors: Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.

Career Opportunities

Many Law and Society majors go on to graduate school in public policy or to law school. Others enter careers associated with their primary department's field of expertise.